Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Marijuana and Me - Conclusion

OK, back to marijuana. Besides the medical stuff, California has some other really strong weed. Weed much stronger than that Sensimilla from my college days, which turned me into a whimpering, little bitch. I know a guy who buys weed that he says is hydroponic. The herbage is actually cultivated in a green house in a scientific way. It goes by names such as the chronic, the swag and the cush. Oh, and the buds are pretty! These buds are a huge and green and purple and actually look like a corsage. I could just imagine two stoners getting married and using this stuff for boutonnieres.

I did try the swag a few years back and it was a bad choice. I was out drinking and a buddy asked me if I wanted to smoke a little. What the hell it was the weekend, right? Wrong! I took two hits of this stuff and once again lost my mind! I remember sitting in the bar and the whole bar started to spin. I had to get out and get some fresh air, and then decided to walk home. I got one block down the street and literally couldn’t fucking walk. Thank god there was a bench on the corner. I collapsed on it and had to call my buddy to come get me and drive me home. Cowboy would have been proud of me!

I also tried it at Reggae on the River, a music festival in Humboldt County, better known as the “Weed Capital of America.” I was amazed when I got to the weekend event. People were just walking around with buds for sale, joints for sale, even care packages. (They consisted of Pot Brownies, Marijuana Rice Krispy treats and something called Goo Balls.) And you could haggle on price. It was like shopping for trinkets in Tijuana.

Let me tell you there was quite a lot of fucked up people there. I was mostly drinking but did eat a brownie one night. Not to say I got stoned, but a group of us were hanging and playing guitars and having a blast. But then I sort of freaked out, because the girl I was hitting on, her head suddenly appeared to be a goat’s head. (In retrospect, it made no sense because she was wearing a college sweatshirt, and we all know goats don’t do well on their S.A.T.s.)

So as you can see, I can’t handle marijuana that is why I don’t smoke that much. But to be honest, I wish I could enjoy it. Think about it. You don’t get a hangover, you don’t angry and you don’t get a beer belly from it. You might laugh a lot but remember laughter is the best medicine!

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